Cameroon – Bafoussam: “When I hit him, it was not a human being that I hit, I hit on a snake” – says alleged murdered

Bafoussam Town
Written by Deckson N.

The alleged assassin of the French engineer Patrick Morel, was presented to the press on July 11, 2016 in Bafoussam.

His name is Yannick Dorgelles Sandio Saha. The young man of 24-year old would be the killer of Patrick Morel, a French Civil Engineer, aged 50, whose lifeless body was found on June 11, 2016, in his home in the Quartier 4 neighborhood of Bangangte. He was one of the controllers of the work of expansion of the Université des Montagne Campus. The suspect was presented to the press yesterday, Monday, July 11, at the Regional Division of the Judicial Police for the West in Bafoussam.

La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) on newsstands this July 12 related what Yannick Sandio Saha confessed to journalists. “People can say that someone who sent me to kill this gentleman, but that is not the case. Until proven otherwise, I have not had time to explain to someone what had really happened, because I was greatly disturbed, “he said.

The young man made rather disturbing revelations. “When I hit him, it was not a human being that I hit, I hit on a snake. He died in my hands, and we got to talk for a long time. I did not take anything from him, people need to know, I left everything on there. He even made a confession, he told me some things I had to explain to his wife. I rather went to his wife to try to explain what happened and that she should hand me over to the justice. For I am certain of one thing, I’m not a murderer, “he proclaimed.

For him, the prison is a lesser evil compared to the psychological torture he suffered for this event. “I’m ready to go to jail, that’s not what scares me, I would’ve even committed suicide shortly after because I could not stand it. Prison does not scare, it is nothing compared to what I’m going through psychologically. By the time I hit it was a snake, it is not excluded that someone turned him into a snake for me to go hit him. When he regained human form, I tried to save him by taking the keys to his car to drive to the hospital, but I do not have a driver license, “he says.

But for LNE, the mystery remains. The paper also argues that “the murder of Patrick Morel looks very much like a contract killing. After the act, a number of SMS was sent to some media men to announce the news. The contact used to send those sms remained reachable for a few hours before disappearing from the network.

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