Cameroon – Aminatou Ahidjo: [Video] “Thank you Paul Biya for accepting me back in Cameroon”

During an interview with CRTV on Monday night, the youngest daughter of the first president of Cameroon magnifies the current Head of State of Cameroon. She considers him “a man of peace, a man of wisdom. He is a visionary, educator, a builder, a teacher, a diplomat.

According to Aminatou Ahidjo, Biya is a saint. The last daughter of the first president of Cameroon magnified the successor of her father on July 11, 2016 on national television. The guest of the show “Pr├ęsidence actu┬╗ explained to her interviewer that, what justifies her support to the action of the current head of state and her commitment to the cause of his party, the CPDM, is because he is a “man of peace“, “wise man“, “visionary,educator “,” builder “,” teacher “,” diplomat “. For all these reasons, she said, the pushed her to support him steadily.

She argues that Paul Biya “has managed difficult times with great dexterity,” he assumes his duties “with great calm, accuracy and patience” because “it is not easy to manage Cameroon and yet he does it “. Aminatou Ahidjo believes that the President of the Republic of Cameroon raises consciousness of Cameroonians, forging credibility of Cameroon “inside and outside its borders.

Watch the video below (French Language)

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