Cameroon – Kribi: A French national in trouble for selling lands to the Chinese!

Written by Deckson N.

According to residents, Robert Lacroux illegally occupies the land where he built his Golf Club.

Robert Lacroux is in trouble in Kribi. The French, head of the company Golf Club in the capital of the Ocean Division, in the southern region, is accused of illegal occupation of the land where his company is installed. Disgruntled members of the Bouyie community of Kribi just met the S.D.O Antoine Bisaga to pose this problem, informs La Nouvelle Expression (LNE) July 8, 2016.

In a correspondence dated 15 June 2016, the community roundly accuses the French to rely on the hospitality that was offered to ban the use of easements and waterways to villagers; The Golf Course Owner is also accused of holding fraudulent land titles, “reports the newspaper.

Local residents have even already threatened to vandalize the facilities of the Golf Club. But they were deterred by His Majesty Mouri Ngouo Thomas, Head of this village. It is the latter who seized the SDO of the Ocean division. According to the newspaper, “the plaintiffs are concerned about not being able to offer spaces for their farming activities with the voracity of which demonstrated the respondent. Robert Lacroux incurred major extension work on the disputed site; according to the village chief, the expatriate not only went beyond the area that was ceded to it by hospitality, but much more, he became in turn the landowner, who does business by selling shares to ‘the Chinese. “

The plaintiffs expect the decision of the SDO. “The Kribi Golf company is headquartered in Kribi since 2005; it occupies an area of 32 hectares. This Private Golf Club has a 9 Holes approved for international competitions. It hosts an average of six competitions per year. Personalities of a certain class are involved in these competitions, including businessmen, Director Generals, Ministers, etc., “reports our colleague.

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  • nadia nash

    Colonialism, bias inhuman international trade/laws/justice, aparthied/slavery currency/banking system, owned and controled by europeans citizens/governments/corperations/NGOs/military for their profits and benefits, and the continues financial enslavement and subjugations of African citizens and African nations, in their countries, and continent. When will the French and Europeans ever grant African nations their financial independent, economy independence. military independence, and end their Africa’s financial and military apartied, by abolishing the CFA slavery currency, removing their military bases and personels, their banking system, out of Africa completely? Africans don’t own golf clubs in France or Europe, why should a french national or European be allowed to own a golf club in Africa, or sell African land to foriegn non Africans?

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