Cameroon – Douala: “I accepted the fight of my son” – Marguerite Donfack

Written by Deckson N.

The mother of the nationalist activist saw her child sentenced to six months prison on 4 July 2016 by the Court of First Instance of Douala-Bonanjo. She reacted to the verdict and spoke about the actions of her son that provoked the wrath of the Cameroonian justice.

You attended the hearing at which the verdict was pronounced that keeps your son in prison. What’s your reaction ?

As a mother, I came here to assist my son. I came to give him my warmth. Regarding the Court also made his share of work. I can not go into details. As far as the justice is concerned, they are just doing their job. My great concern is to assist my child, to give him advice and wait what will be said. For example today he was sentenced to six months in prison, I can not say anything. I will continue attending this child until when he finds himself out of prison. The role of a mother is to approach his son when he is in trouble as well as when he is joy. I am happy that God allowed me to come and assist this child and hear the verdict of the trial brought against him. The Lord is not awkward. This is someone who knows what he wants. The ways of this child is in his hands. We others perhaps do not know his way. We merely follow him. And thank all the legal community. The lawyers, all lawyers who attended the verdict. I do not forget his friends, his comrades, his other mothers and even siblings who attended.

The lawyers of your son appealed. Do you have any hope?

I have already said, I hope. The appeal lawyers will prosper. Although this is not the case, one day or the other, he will find himself out of prison.

You wear clothes of green-red-yellow, the national colors simultaneously by displaying the flag of Cameroon. Does this mean that you marry the fight of your son?

At one level, yes. These are colors that I always loved. I believe that it is he who got that from me. Since the period of his childhood, I had already adopted the national colors. My colors on the nails are green-red-yellow. He imitated me. I just love my beautiful country, I love it. I swear by the green-red-yellow flag. Because if you do not love your country, you can not love others. If you do not love your child, you will not be able to love another’s child.

Would you say that the Cameroonian justice is preventing Andre Blaise Essama to love his country?

You know, everywhere there is law. There are things I can not meddle with. When you ask if they prevented him to love his country, I say that those who are in preventing him are Cameroonians like him. Everybody does his job, the key is to do it well. I can not say that they are bad or good. If they do their job, it’s good. If they do not do well, it is binding on themselves.

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