Cameroon – Boko Haram: Government reacts to an alert on terrorist threats in Yaounde and Douala

Written by Deckson N.

This Wednesday, July 6, 2016 is a public holiday in Cameroon thanks to the Ramadan. Since yesterday, subscribers of mobile phone companies receive SMS on terror threat alert.

Urgent ! Urgent ! Urgent ! Chers amis, vous qui avez de la famille tant bien à Douala qu’à Yaoundé, dites aux vôtres d’éviter de se rendre aux endroits tels que l’avenue du 27 août, le marché New-Bell, le carrefour Ndokotti, bref des endroits où l’on noterait une forte concentration de personnes. Idem pour Yaoundé, les marchés aux abords des agences de transport (bus), etc. Les services secrets américains et camerounais font état d’au moins 80 kamikazes de Boko Haram entrés dans ces deux villes pour perpétrer avec la même technique des attentats de grande ampleur. Demandez à vos membres de famille d’être vigilants et d’éviter autant que possible les lieux de forts attroupements. Faites passer le message svp, partagez ce communiqué, vous pouvez sauver des vies” was the content of the sms.

Asked about this alert, Issa Tchiroma, the Minister of Communication and Spokesman of the Cameroonian Government, said that it is a rumor that has nothing to do with reality. “About the security threat of Douala and Yaounde, I do not talk about it because the Minister of Communication does not spread rumor. You understand that if the threat actually existed, I would be the first not only to be informed, but appropriate communication with government action and another would have been available to you. This not being the case, I ask you to believe me that it is rather related to rumor.

The Minister however invites his countrymen to double vigilance. “But we must remain vigilant! Boko Haram gives us an asymmetrical war. They just need one individual wearing this and then bam problems here and there. We must remain vigilant, but I insist on that, the threat is virtual, “concluded Issa Tchiroma who faced the press on Tuesday, July 5 to precisely make the point of the war of Cameroon against Boko Haram.

The month of Ramadan has been particularly bloody because of the increase in terrorist attacks in the Far North, the only Region of Cameroon suffering the abuses of the Islamic sect from Nigeria. As is the case for about three years, the celebration of the feast of Ramadan is under close surveillance throughout the country. The authorities have specially reinforced security around the sites developed for prayer.

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