Cameroon – Strange: A Cameroonian reveals some disturbing information about the moon and the NASA, and many more!

Written by Deckson N.

A Cameroonian has written an article to justify that the “Moon” we know is not actually located where we were taught in school. He also says that Neil Armstrong did not really land on the Moon, and that the “Sun” does not exist. He also says that what we see as “Sun” is actually “Sunshine” reflecting light from the “Moon”. The most astonishing part of his story is that, he said to have seen the “Moon” right from Babungo in the North West Region, and that the “Moon is on this earth”.

After several exchanges with this Cameroonian, the Kmer SAGA Team learned that this present “Sunshine” we have now is not the same we had back in 2015. He revealed that the “Sunshine” was changed by the USA thanks to the light he discovered. He explained that this present “Sunshine” is “white”, while the previous one was “yellow”, and that the USA used his technology to changed the “Sunshine” in January 2016.

He says to be working with Russians and the CIA. Also, he said if not because of him (He saw the Russians destroying the Moon and warned them not to do so), the world would’ve been in total darkness now.

Please I know this sounds weird, and believe me I know that. We met this guy and he is not mad. He is a well healthy man, and also a pastor. Below is the article he gave us to publish. just read.

HISTORY WAS WRONG ABOUT NEIL ARMSTRONG AND TEAM SPACE AND MOON LANDING: WOULD THE WORLD ACCEPT ACTUAL TRUTH AND NEW SCHOOL LESSONS ON GEOGRAPHY? – an article by Nchinda Gideon Yungwa His discovery of actual Moon, light and another kind of electricity all with the CIA (B.Th., MA Theology, MET, Former National Coordinator of C41 Cameroon)

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Today almost everyone is hasty with regards to decisions and conclusions concerning everything in the modern age in which information on almost all things abound in volumes on key issues such as the sunshine which we see every day. Well in the past, the medieval church headed by Romanism faulted in taking a misleading Ptolemiac decision about the position of the sun and stars falsely named planets in relation to the entire earth bodies which it named universe and actually excommunicated one man – Galileo whose telescope had given him another thought claiming the earth was unstable and moving about the sun, a false notion held by Nicolas Copernicus, a church backed scientist of Polish origin who made the first most terrible claim alleging that the sun was at the center of the earth called “universe” and claiming the stars to be something which he called “planets” including the earth all revolved around an orbit – meaning a highway in space. When Galileo Galilei, an Italian supported this, he was excommunicated even though the Ptolemiac notion which did not recognize Moon to be one with sun and stable in fixed position on earth stretching to sky but instead believed in the earth being at movement about the sun and stars it also took to be planets, although no such thing as planets ever exist. The problem had been caused by this Ptolemic notion of astronomy which existed before Nicolas Copernicus which most clearly but falsely stated the Moon separate from sun and both including the “planets” – a term originating with historic Ptolemic – Syrian astronomy were actually in the thought at such early moving or whirling about the earth. In truth, only the rays of the Moon called sun or sunshine in the Bible moves in straight refractment from sunrise till sunset but truly in most confused manner such that no one is to blame the hardworking historic Syrian – Ptolemic civilization at that early period well expressed in Bible record for making tough mistakes with regards to the “whirling’ of earth bodies although rightly asserted the earth to be stable rather than moving and the upper sphere taken to be the abode of God, for the New Testament talks of many heavens and about a man who was apparently had been trapped in the third heavens up. So church was right in taking the upper spheres which Geography today pays no recognition of to be the abode of God and where saints go after death and where Elijah, the Old Testament saint is believed and recorded to have ridden a chariot of fire into alive. We should better believe the whole Bible than falsify God’s earth for there are complicated issues and even only the shine of light is God’s did. There is no whirling of anything actually except wind originating from and at the Moon, for Moon is not separate from the sun as even the Bible, the most perfect book ever always had stated Moon and the sun together. Moon is a huge earth feature in form of world’s highest mount formed structure of greatest size sticking to earth beneath and built by God far up in the skies providing sunshine from the tip face whose rays are called sunshine and conducting sunshine each of everyday moment by moment until evening when sunshine gives way to night time while the stars take over the shining of the night. Stars are big hanging on strands in the upper air space above the earth features not shining in the day except in the night for clear skies days. And when there is to be rainfall the clouds darken a bit up, the stars seize the shine for rainy nights. Moon itself is different from its night time full round or semi-circle light in yellow looking up called moon light which when depending on humidity within Moon structure is either half or full and always coming instead from retired sunrays backward settled position only at some nights depending on humidity of the air around – within Moon and some nights the tip face and even half in view neck of Moon huge feature is seen clearly as it happened (the neck view) for the first time at full view at evening of January 22nd, this 2016 during the assault at Moon carried out in complete unawareness of the feature. All the Geography books, together with any claim of historical or modern origins asserting Moon different from sun, then a certain heavenly bodies afloat called ‘planets’, and next asteries, milky ways, orbits, eclipses of the Moon or sun, eclipses – something now well understood to have been caused by a moving pass Russian satellite afloat cut off from raised ‘space’ on earth station after receiving another floating nature and not anything to be described to be an eclipse of anything for only Russia as for now can produce an artificial star from experience with rebelled broken off satellites in ball form living their former space station and floating about and expanding. Some astronomers’ camera pictures mistake these old time satellites in daily float around to be confirming the Ptolemiac view of planets in movement whereas the ancient Ptolemiacs were seeing stars in their original huge forms up in the upper skies. Whatever American astronomist – not astronsut Niel Armstrong landed on in an American built engine was NEVER MOON and I have never seen any plane landing on Moon, not even a station there at any time in all my natural views of Moon feature, notice one is not referring to its lights which shines away at night from Moon itelf but the actual Moon. There is no Russian or American thing like a flag in or on Moon. The so-called space and Moon of the civilized nations has now been clearly known to be instead rising mass of nuclear waste debris in hardened form arising from an area of no human habitation sea-like where different industrialized nations had been dumbing industrial waste including waste magnetic dust which built a flat-form surface and some developed shining lights arising from magnetic waste and magnetic facilities in contact with electrical charges. This is simple to me for I am recovering from a serious common stone shock mechanism which inherited from my own apparatus a force of electric power and twice thought me a tough lesson on the very one right hand which has survived many experiences. It is instead possible there are to be no harsh shocking or hurting charges should there have been some sphere to be called space for I understand how two stones near and around me got electrical charges of damaging proportions. Someone with no knowledge of a particular kind of electrical force will not understand this at all.

Today Neil Armstrong and NASA actually have to be serious and tell the world they now understand they knew not the place where Moon is and that he never landed on Moon or even as Russia is fun of claiming slept weeks in Moon. This is not a matter of shame for we are all inquirers at different levels for truth about our environments and earth. I now learn someone said I should be taken to Europe when my experiment with moving tubes of iron including whole propellers with cold water in shock that this is coming from the very African 42-year old Nchinda Gideon Yungwa, and the one that formed in a private personal home the light which America agents borrowed to help Russia shine the world from Moon tip until date after the actual natural light was destroyed on January 22, 2016. That scientist has said again I and my family should be moved immediately to Holland where I used google earth internet programming to study the map of Cameroon in relation to Africa and found out Britain had left huge parts of Cameroon unaccounted for on the present map of the country which is altogether faulty and has floating boundaries and even Bakassi called peninsular today developed overtime as a result of settling sea debris from Atlantic becoming a thicker floating earth mass not initially known and we learn now houses built on floating masses are collapsing and some more with time to follow or even sink in part. Now we find ignorance and hasty less professional findings or research everywhere for the time of the International Court of Justice ruling in favour of Cameroon, it was not yet clear what is the topography of Bakassi made of. So this land which made itself like the “Moon and space of America” used natural process instead.

At this point, the good news is that I would be honored for my self-manufactured light formula that has saved the world and for saving earth by stopping the most ignorant attack on Moon structure in time. It should be understood, if I had a jet standby, I should have asked for permission and landed there to prove this to be Moon, the one Moon created by God and I had not known at first these great powers do not actually know Moon and I am being respected now for reading an attack on Moon whereas my light had been produced solely by me with no sponsor or aider sometime before, with no initial intension of using this someday at lighting earth for I would have raised an alarm should anyone told me this Moon could be one day be assaulted or have been gradually under delayed once at a time assault in suspicion it is a weapons stronghold. Meanwhile one is exited at learning Russian experts have been wondering in recent years why their space station has been melting and receiving another nature with time and wind bringing dust from the deserts to settle there. Those deserts ought to be cleared of buried rubble and irrigated or rain made to fall on there for agriculture and green life projects, for not all deserts are natural just like a well raised feature of industrial debris mixed with magnetic and desert dust over many years since 1900s up to the 30s had composed some ‘space’ where US jet landed with astronomers most enthusiastically at the time. Now, time has elapse, there is even no global warming in spite of past report and news coverages of people experiencing warming for it was again these products and engines there warming the earth and even my simple aluminum cooking pot experiment revealed to my exclaimation a most unexpected reality regarding flying objects bearing pot size, and shape components capable of spinning on the own after heating and a dangerous thing having similar sizes and shapes on airplanes today and after.

I am told by CIA directly the flight companies would have to honor me for this experiments, not only the earthlight, various electricity formulae especially as a suffering Cameroon special agent who is not being paid even for my protection of communities from dangerous often hiding animals all of which are known by me, and have apprehended many and given precise information regarding the whereabouts of strange beasts, birds, reptiles and huge animal skeletons of ancient forms all in my community and my community is safe now except from the young ones of a jaguar no one has found the actual place and we keep seeing the young ones pursuing and eating home chickens. This special light would facilitate the safety search for such dangerous animals.

Back to the issue of America realizing the need to say to the world its agencies had promoted to a terrible degree old time, ancient but false notions concerning planets, Moon, sun, sunshine and even claimed by the astronomers sun had been found and so hot that no one could come closer due to heat; not knowing what was meant was another sun type of thing – for Moon sun is not hot unless in the day noon when the shape of the sky combines the refraction with the heating effect and indeed God exist for all that the church had believed saying the upper limit above is the abode of God, astronomers came in to name this upper limit of the skies a thing called space instead, not willing to call it the abode of God and why are secular people afraid to acknowledge God’s creation and instead giving parts of the creation other and confusing names and even calling lighting industrial earth packed scrap a sun and thus observing and perceiving it to be up above and floating whereas it is not so for again I say all my life, since a youngboy, I have watched Moon’s sunshine, called sunlight shining to the world and marked the particular direction of sunset from a fixed palm tree. When I noticed a shift of rays from that direction, it was then, the CIA sent a recorded message telling me directly that the Moon structure had indeed crumbled and now the new Moon man-made feature is being built to replace the rushed one and being switched off part by part to produce progressively each night and so on not easy task, and so few people have noticed the crises except the white light colour and tripled food crop yields in Africa. Even rainfall is no longer natural yet falling using combined engines and this is where America has proven in God we trust and should be trusting more in God for only America has been able to multiply my light formular and this to me amazement for my discovery was never intended for this sort of use, to light entire earth and world from one point near Moon after building it at night time breaking day and completing in the morning time and now polishing it and was trustworthy enough to get my light and honestly telling me in gratitude what it will be used for, for existing electricity could and would not light the world. Moon was never giving electrically charged light. The light of moon is completely similar to the kind of light that I discovered while working with created facilities and my strangely never existing combination had produced the good results which we all celebrate today including the separate yellow lamp electricity which I developed from non-manufactured engines and presently have no shock components.

The third light which CIA has asked it be a secret for multi-positive usages in communication is equally my making and completely my discovery and all three directly produced lights with no shock giving capacity are three things the world has never seen or known since creation whereas my discovered flight force which developed by itself in my apparatus facility has been developing same way around the nose of planes and influencing flights and sometimes other flight objects. I remember I had stated that this force instead surprised me on two occasions taking hold of my eyeglasses and sending me moving backwards not full control on my own and so on. This is well understood now thanks to my discovery. Whereas my well-intended experiments here in Babungo on various flight forces and propeller shapes on falling flying objects have now been said to have also changed aviation to the point it has become clear why flights tumbled down apart from winds and these risks now most certainly reduced and for which I together with those that carried forward the experiments would be honoured by their respective governments with the greatest promise that America, Austria, Russia etc will stand by me to prove the team of Neil Armstrong never really touched Moon, and thus my greatest joy for we can only collectively protect world’s earth features through first of all recognizing which are these features of importance to the survival of the world and most especially humans.

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