Cameroon – Paul Biya: President refuses to enact the penal code!

Paul Biya
Written by Deckson N.

He returned it to the National Assembly for reconsideration regarding the immunity of Ministers.

This is a victory for the Hon. Martin Oyono, the only CPDM MP who had refused to vote Article 127, as members of the opposition, including the SDF and the MRC.

This is a big slap of the President of the Republic to Parliamentarians who voted the entire Penal Code proposed by the government. After consideration and adoption in plenary session at the National Assembly on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 and the Senate last Tuesday, June 28, 2016, the new Penal Code strongly opposed by many of the population was already at the Presidency of the Republic waiting for the final act, namely its enactment before its entry into force.

After examining in turn, Paul Biya refused to confirm it. He returned to Parliament the text with precise indications. “The president has asked that Article 127 which grants immunity to members of the government be amended. It’s good to know that the person invoking immunity must demonstrate a law. In the current situation, the Cabinet members do not receive any legislation that gives them any immunity. For example, the president has immunity conferred by the Constitution, MPs enjoy immunity conferred by law. But members of the Government have no law which gives them immunity “said the Hon. Martin Oyono, reached by telephone on Wednesday by Cameroon-Info.Net.

This is a victory for this CPDM MP for the Ocean Division, Southern Region. He was the only MP of the political party in power to say that it was illegal to adopt Article 127, which granted immunity to members of the government.

Members of the government are managers and as such, they answer to the Parliament, which is responsible for monitoring government action. If one is a manager and also has immunity, it means we are above the law. This violates even the preamble of the constitution of the Republic. This is why, during the debate, I said that I could not take the responsibility to vote a provision that is contrary to the constitution. So I’m just assuming my responsibility, “explained the Hon. Martin Oyono, stating that” it was the most villainous discussions in relation to the fight against corruption. ” To not endorse the forced passage of the said Article, he left the room at the same time as his peers of the SDF and the MRC, two opposition parties.

As soon as he arrived at the Presidency, the members of the Constitutional Laws Committee met to implement the instructions of the President of the Republic. There is no more immunity for members of the government in the new penal code.

The National Assembly will in turn meet in plenary for the amendment of this article. “As soon as the Parliamentarians will end the adoption, we will send the Penal Code to the President of the Republic for promulgation.

Apart from Article 127, many others are not unanimous. But in all likelihood, Paul Biya had complaints on Article 127.

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