Cameroon – Douala 5th: No water supply since 3 months!

Written by Deckson N.

The people of the Douala 5th subdivision, in the Littoral Region, are dying from lack of potable water. The Camerounaise Des Eaux (CDE) is accused of laxity.

We suffer enormously. We have repeatedly called on officials of the CDE, without success. At the other end, They say that the water shortage is the result of work undertaken at the moment by the Military Engineering and we will have to wait on the delivery at the Boulevard de la République to have water ” complain unanimously populations of the of the Douala 5th subdivision in the Littoral Region. According to La Nouvelle Expression of Friday, June 24, 2016, their eyes are dark, showing signs of anger, but also distress.

We want clean water. We want to be safe from diseases due to consumption of the questionable water from wells, and even drilling. It’s hard, “begs the residents, some hope the newspaper will be read by officials in charge of water in the Littoral region and want a reaction from them.

We just hope they go down to the neighborhood and find the facts. And see if there is a possibility of satisfying us, because in front of us, the other citizens have flowing water in their taps. Why are we the only victims? “Questioned compatriots. “We are obliged to pay 25 CFA francs per container to supply us with water from boreholes. We are then exposed to the price set according to the moods of the owners of these wells, “continued the citizens.

Curiously, the Ndogbong neighborhood in Douala, precisely at “Carrefour Hermitage” for three weeks, the water flows freely because of a broken pipe. “We feel that this is a similar fountain to that in municipal Shower. The precious liquid sprayed passers who are inconsiderate, “evidenced some locals.

Actually there is a similar xase in a place called Valley Bessengue. “It is to believe that life is really paradoxical. Some weep and others rejoice. Whose fault is it ? Not the people, anyway. The actors of the CDE should feel challenged both on the shortage of water, and the abundance of faulty pipes, ” tried to explain some citizens. So far, people accuse the CDE to remain silent on their complaints.

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