Cameroon – Paul Biya: A Rev. Pastor says president is bewitched by his entourage!

Written by Deckson N.

According to this Cameroonian pastor, that is the reason why Cameroon is in bad shape. He proposed that only men filled with the Holy Spirit should run the country.

On a visit to Cameroon for an evangelistic campaign, Rev. Alain Moundi could not prevent himself from commenting on the life of his country. Guests of “La Matinale” on Radio Equinoxe of June 22, 2016, the pastor of the Église Évangélique Impact du Salut was interested in the management of power by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya. He said Cameroon is sick because it is not run by men who fear God. “When you have with you a man full of the Holy Spirit, that person will show you the direction, the path,” he argues.

Worse, he argues, those at the head of the country prefer to rely on the forces of darkness. “The mistake we commit in Cameroon is that those who lead us are men who are not filled with the spirit of God, who spend their time sleeping in temples of charlatans, marabouts to bewitch the president of the Republic. I prefer to say. We must say things as clearly as possible. ” While swearing that he can prove his point, pastor Moundi reported that men in search of political back seat often came to see him for a position. What seems scandalized.

It is no more about the skill, it is about the mystical forces,” he complains. For him, if Biya had placed around him men of good faith, the Cameroonian people would’ve been better. “If he was surrounded by men filled with the Holy Spirit, frankly, the nation would’ve taken off. The nation won’t have been at the level where we are today. If you surround yourself with men who bewitch you themselves because they want to have a position how can the nation take off? “If he asks, disappointed that 19 years after his last visit back home, corruption and immorality have become ubiquitous. Something that made the man of God worried for the future of Cameroon.

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