Cameroon – Omnisports Stadiums: The deadline for the completion of stadiums has changed

Written by Deckson N.

Launched towards the end of April, the synthetic turf stadium construction work in seven municipalities of Cameroon experienced a forced stop of nearly five weeks. There is nothing to worry about, assures Ben Modo, the engineer of the work, in an interview with CAMFOOT.

On April 20, 2016, Tombi A Roko Sidiki undertook a series of ceremonies laying of the foundation stone of seven synthetic turf stadiums in the urban communities of Bamenda ,Bafia Bafang, Bangangte, Ngaoundere ,Ngoumou and Sangmelima. The delivery date of these infrastructures were set for October 2016. The fulfillment of a campaign promise of the President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT), who was celebrated by fans of football. But the said fans did not know that, a week after the first shots of pickaxes, work experienced a forced stop, which created some debates.

The accounts of the FECAFOOT having experienced problems related to post-election dispute that continues to make its way, some have thought that stopping of work was because FECAFOOT had “had no more money. ” Others had concluded that it was a proof of “incompetence” of the company, Prime Protomac Group, the engineer of the work, who has no experience in the construction of sports facilities.

We had to stop because of technical problems. We began work in the month of April, I believe on the 20th. Some time later, we received a visit from a monitoring mission that required a number of things from us. We needed some time to deliver those things, “says Ben Modo, owner of the company Protomac Prime Group.

Dateline changed

But concretely, what was the problem? “The problem was at the level of the design calculations, he says. When you make a plan, it has several compartments, several sections. For example, in Cameroon, one requires an environmental impact level, it also requires you to have notes of calculations which prove that the building will react in a certain way. We had these things in another code, we just had to translate it into the language of the Cameroonian code. We took a little time to make these adjustments.

So, the time originally planned for 20 October have changed. The stadiums will not be delivered on the original date. The six months given to the us to complete the work experienced an extension of a few weeks. “We will deliver our stadiums in six months. It is simply that we are re precising things: we began in April 20. A week later we were forced to stop. We stopped for five weeks, and now we’re back, “explains Ben Modo. “For us, if we remove the work week, time is less than 5 and 2 weeks. It is in this sense that we will continue the work. So, in 5 months and 2 weeks from now, we will deliver the different stadiums, ” he said finally.

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