Nigeria – Murder: Cameroonian lady killed in a Lagos hotel

Written by Deckson N.

Lucie Sambou Ndjingui was killed in the night of 1 to 2 June 2016 in a Lagos hotel. Three suspects have been arrested, Cameroon government seized.

The family of the victim that is at the Messassi neighborhood, in the northern outskirts of Yaounde, is in turmoil. They hope in the coming days, inquire about the disappearance of their relative, Lucie Sambou Ndjingui. The young lady, from Yoko in the Central Region, was murdered in the night of 1 to 2 June 2016 in a Lagos hotel, the second largest city of Nigeria.

The information is reported by the Integration newspaper of 20 June 2016. The newspaper said that “the young salesperson of the Out Reach Cameroon Media company was found dead on the night of 1 to 2 June 2016. Witnesses said it was shortly after 2 am in the lobby of Dolly Inn Hotel Lagos (…) the images collected from the scene show a spread remains in normal dress uniform lying in blood.

What happened? The State Criminal Investigation Department Panti Yaba of Lagos has already taken up the case and started an investigation. The lawyer of the family, Mr. Bertrand Mballa, “identified the body found in a morgue in Nigeria,” says the weekly, which adds: “The member of the Bars of Cameroon and Nigeria then grabbed the Cameroonian Minister of External Relations (MINREX) and Consul General in Lagos, respectively, on 8 and 10 June 2016 “.

Three suspects, including the companion of Lucie Sambou, are already under arrest. The Nigerian police hopes that their exploitation will trace the circumstances of the murder. Meanwhile, integration came back on the days that preceded what today is a tragedy for the Sambou family.

Lodged on the second floor of that hotel establishment at the time of the tragedy, the young lady had as next destination Cameroon, where she had go one day before. There are reports that, Lucy, took big customer last April for her business based in Kano, Nigeria. The company that lead by the Nigerian Orife Moses then asked her to drive the said client (a certain Sani) to the headquarter office for signing of agreement formalities. Lucie Claudy and Mr. Sani, Director General of the general trading company (who was accompanied for the occasion by his son) made the trip from May 30 to June 1 with a stopover in Lagos. On June 2, after the completion of formalities, the return was immediate with a new stop in Lagos. In the process, the three business tourists take rooms on the second floor of Dolly Inn Hotel lobby Lagos while waiting to take the flight to Douala the next day.

A day after that the young lady will never see. Also according to our colleague, “that fateful night, a source tells that the camera images made available show that Lucie and and the son of Sani went for a walk. According to Mr. Sani who was reached by telephone, ” Lucie had brought a friend she was saying to know from Douala with whom she went out. ” These two, according to our interlocutor, would have returned around midnight at the hotel. Then, less than two hours after Mr. Sani is informed in his room, not far from that of Lucie, of the death of the girl. ” The body of your colleague is found dead in the courtyard here, ” says the security guard from the hotel. The lifeless body of Lucie lay with the key on her hand, with three hundred dollars in her pockets. The courage and commitment of Lucie have not lasted more than two years in this trade company located behind the immeuble Sapeurs in Douala.

The investigations may help to shed light on the murder.


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