Cameroon – Yaounde: A notorious thug arrested thanks to a soldier!

Written by Deckson N.

A thief was caught with a knife threatening a soldier on Saturday June 18, 2016, at the Biyem-assi neighbourhood in Yaounde.

The thief, whose name we got as Toupass, is known by everybody in the Superrette neighbourhood for his bad behaviour. While riding by on a bike, he suddenly shouted at soldier to shift from his way.

The soldier reacted with an insult. Toupass immediately stepped down from his bike and started threatening the soldier with a knife saying “I will kill you”.

The soldier, who was not in uniform courageously seized the knife from Toupass while giving him a slap. This created a scene as people rushed to know what was happening. At that point, eye witnesses recognised Toupass as that notorious bandit in the neighbourhood.

At the scene, a woman complained how Toupass once came to her house locked her children in one room and stole FCFA 250,000.

The thief immediately told the population that he was walking with knife because he sells pineapples. The population got Toupass well beaten before he was taken away by the gendarmerie. Reports indicate that it was not the first time Toupass was going to prison.

Via Cameroon Tribune

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