Cameroon – Security: The Governor and the people of the Far North deny the existence of a “Boko Haram” radio!

Written by Deckson N.

They claim to have never listened to a radio that broadcasts messages of the terrorist group, as stated by the media.

No pirate radio of the Boko Haram sect is being broadcasted in Cameroon. This is essentially the message that goes in the L’Oeil du Sahel of 20 June 2016. The newspaper returns on the alleged existence of a radio of the terrorist group in the village of Tolkomari, in the Kolofata subdivision, 15 km from the border with Nigeria.

This radio, according to the Intégration newspaper statements of 13 June, was heard on several frequencies in six months: 103.4 FM, 91 FM, 106.1 FM and 96.8 FM. Wrong, argue the administrative authorities of the region and the local population.

The first to refute the information is the governor of the Far North. “I am not aware of anything. You can well imagine that such developments would have had special treatment, “said Bakary Midjiyawa. Remarks that corroborate Adama Kassou, D.O of the Kolofata Subdivision. “We checked ourselves, interviewed people. Tolkomari is a small place and it is not difficult to obtain lights on such information. Nobody ever heard anything like it there. It could be that there is a pirate radio of Boko Haram, but I know nothing about, but I assure you that no one has captured something like that in Tolkomari. People listen to the radio, but nothing specific to Boko Haram. If this were the case, we would have reported to the hierarchy so that counter measures are taken.“he says.

The newspaper also said to have met with members of the vigilante committees that support the claims of the administrative authorities. “Every family has at least an understanding among members of the vigilante committees. So it was not difficult to verify information on Boko Haram radio especially as there is lack of electricity in our area, very few people listen to radio. We must get batteries, which are rare. Acquisition is even suspicious since they are used in bomb-making. Nobody has heard anything here..not us the vigilante committees, let alone the people. “informs a relative of the president of Tolkomari vigilante committee.

Other evidences, like security sources are reported. All deny the existence of this famous radio station to broadcast propaganda messages from the terrorist group.

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