Cameroon – Prime Protomac: Company explains why machines are not used to dig stadium’s foundation!

Written by Deckson N.

After images of the Bamenda omnisports stadium’s foundation being dug with hands went viral, the company in charge of the project decided to clarify the public. Below is what the CEO said.

Sir, It is with great interest that we read your article concerning the digging of the foundation of the Bamenda Omnisports Stadium … In this, the author of the article makes some number of points, of which the obvious goal is to discredit the current construction effort.

Without wanting to abound in the controversy, I would just stop at clarifying the following points:

1) Having noted that the digging of the foundation was done with the hand, the author of the article concluded that, what is done on the ground has “nothing to do” with what Prime Potomac and its partners have been doing in other projects.

This statement ignores the fact that the construction of stadiums of which we are in charge, is following the HLI model (High Labor Intensity), which favors an intense labor, where the use of machines and robots is not an absolute necessity.

According to our previsions, the HLI model will save approximately 4% of the cost of the stadiums, more than 120 million CFA francs for the four stadiums. This is one reason why our prices outshine all competition.

2) The author of the article adds with regret that the staff in charge of digging the foundation found on the field are “not PRIME POTOMAC’s.” Again, the author is not aware of the arrangement between Prime Potomac and Urban Communities that host us.

Indeed, at the time of starting work, we asked each Mayor to put at our disposal a local staff, including maneuvers and construction technicians.

The reason behind this request was simple: we refuse to follow the example of some who come to Africa with their drivers, their maneuvers, their cooks and diggers, meanwhile we can find locally many skilled laborers, abundant, and at much more competitive costs.

Therefore, the construction of stadiums by Prime Potomac shall obey a two rules:

(I) We will continue to use the HLI model in the organization and allocation of construction spots on our sites; and

(II) The staff will be primarily local, with 95% of the staff consisting of nationals and 5% of expatriates. The majority of expatriates will join the project in sequence, following the phase. But the bulk of expatriate staff will focus on the installation phases of synthetic turf, construction of the electrical system for night games, inking chairs on concrete, and installation of audio-visual network of the stadiums.

We remain attentive to any comments to keep us honest, and continue to give to the public, the clarifications that are necessary and timely.

Thank you

Ben Modo
President & CEO
Potomac Global Prime
1350 Avenue of the Americas
2nd Floor – Ste 424
New York, NY 10019

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