Cameroon – Kah Walla: “I will do everything to stop any amendment that aims to maintain the Biya regime in power”

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According to the President of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP), the regime is responsible for all the evils that Cameroon is going through.

In an interview with the pan-African magazine Jeune Afrique and published on its websiteon Wednesday, June 15, 2016, Edith Kah Walla paints a gloomy picture of the quality of life of Cameroonians. “The management of Cameroon for 56 years is quite catastrophic. Particularly under the Biya era, for 34 years. And unfortunately we find ourselves in a country where two Cameroonians lack access to electricity, six in ten Cameroonians have difficulty accessing drinking water, four in ten Cameroonians live below the threshold poverty, as defined by the government (that is to say less than 934 CFA francs per day). So we find ourselves in a Cameroon which is bad for all its resources.

For her, “the blame for this is Paul Biya because he is the Head of State. But the blame for this management has been established, which is a management that does not produce results, which is a management that greatly favors corruption. It is one of few countries to have several Secretaries General of the Presidency in prison at the same time.

Edith Kah Walla says firmly committed to change for a better Cameroon: “We must have a change, we must absolutely get rid of this regime to establish the pillars that allow us to build another Cameroon for tomorrow” .

For this reason she has established the movement “Stand Up for Cameroon” which itself includes other political personalities and civil society. This movement initiated the “Black Fridays” campaign, a silent protest organized every weekend in the country to sensitize Cameroonians for the risk of a constitutional amendment leading to early presidential elections – with Paul Biya for candidate.

This campaign has three key objectives: demand basic services; say no to any amendment of the constitution which has the sole purpose of maintaining Mr. Biya and his regime in power; seek and impose this political transition that will allow us to set aside, out of control, this regime and to say what type of Cameroon we want to build.

In this context, the Black Fridays will intensify in the coming weeks to prevent the convening of a special session of Parliament.

On the amendment of the Constitution which is topical in Cameroon, the CPP leader said: “We are for the amendment of the constitution to review a number of elements that the opposition claims for decades. For example limiting presidential terms to two terms of five years each, nothing more. We are for a revision that will balance the power at the State of Cameroon. Today all powers are concentrated at the executive and the legislature and the judiciary become dependent.

Edith Kah Walla says she will do everything to stop any amendment that aims to maintain the Biya regime in power.

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