Cameroon – Bangolan: Village under tension after the death of the new Fon!

Written by Deckson N.

The Bangolan Kingdom, of the Babessi Sub-division, Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region of Cameroon is considered by some news papers columnists as a deadly kingdom after the death of their new Fon, HRH Tsiemetong Salim James last Tuesday.

Fon. Chaffah XI was accused by his villagers for “embracing western religion and giving his life to Christ”. They also complained of him reportedly setting on fire some artifacts, antiquities amongst others, which they said were the symbol of Bangolan tradition.

The angry locals staged a sit in protest at the North West Governor’s office February 24, 2016 and were instead told to return to the SDO for Ngoketunjia. The angry locals also demanded an end to arrests and torture from soldiers deployed to the area.

The chieftaincy crisis which seemed to have ended by the court of first instance in Ndop on the 09/06/2016, have been refueled with the passing away of The New Fon.

Reports reaching us say that; over 1000 Bangolans marched to Foumban demanding the remains of their king which was not supposed to be kept in the mutuary and were denied access on the grounds that an autopsy was to be made to determine the exact cause of such dead. Two persons are reportedly dead and many wounded.

Am ready for the worst“, Chafah Isaac of Bangolan told the Cameron Journal on 22nd May 2016.

The big question that is worrying any Bangolan today is that: Is their village part of Cameroon? Are Bangolans foreigners in their own Land? A Bangolan youth whose name we withheld, told us ” The governor of the north West Region , the SDO for Ngoketunjia have ruined our village” crying.

Its pathetic that this crisis could not be handle as the Prime minister demanded.
Presently, Bangolan could be compared to Syria. business and activities have ceased to exist in the village three days ago, Military men who are supposed to be protecting the citizens are burning down houses; people have taken refuge to the hospitals and neighbouring villages; and the commander is Chafah Isaac our source says.
The Far Noth Rgion Seems to be a better hiding place for any bangolan” an elder exclaimed.

‘‘From the Star Building ,through the ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation to the North West Governor’s office ; the Bangolans seem lost hope in their own Country and are not tired to fight for the liberation of their Village in the hands of an impostor’’

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