Cameroon – Insecurity: A weapon found on the CPDM MP Sassouan Hiri Hiri at the Maroua airport

Written by Deckson N.

The discovery was made on June 7, 2016 by the police in the Maroua International Airport.

What was Sassouan Hiri Hiri doing with a weapon? This is what is trying to understand right now the police who opened an investigation. According to l’Œil du Sahel of 16 June 2016, a Kalashnikov was found in the luggage of the CPDM MP of Logone and Chari on Tuesday at Maroua International Airport.

Here is the account given by the newspaper: “Tuesday, June 7, 2016, Maroua International Airport. The CPDM MP of Logone and Chari, Sassouan Hiri Hiri, had to board the flight of the national airline CAMAIR-CO to Yaounde. Owner of a weapon, a 12 gauge in poor condition he wants to fix in Yaounde, he took care to return it to the duty officer so that the usual formalities should be fulfilled in this regard. The 12 gauge, at least that’s what he believed at the time, is wrapped in a bag of millet. What surprised the police is that found that, instead of the declared weapon, is rather a brand of Kalashnikov weapon of war and a charger with three ammunition.

A few minutes later, the regional delegate of the police for the Far North, Chetima, arrived on the scene to retrieve the package. But the MP being protected by his immunity could take his flight. According to the bi-weekly, the General Delegate for National Security (DGSN), Martin Mbarga Nguele is closely following this case. “He even asked about the political affiliation of the MP to the Police by asking the regional delegate if he is from the CPDM parliamentary or the opposition …” said the newspaper.

L’Oeil du Sahel was still able to get the explanations of the MP. “This gun belonged to my father, the village chief in the of Misdé Zina sub-division. He died in May 2005, and since then, according to our customs, we have not cleaned his room. In April 2016, I walked into his room and while arranging his things, I found this weapon wrapped in a bag, “says Sassouan Hiri Hiri.

He added: “I did not have a good relationship with the local authorities of my subdivision and I thought it was better for me to give the weapon to the authorities of Kousseri and Maroua. I hesitated between Maroua and Kousseri, although this is for me a special concern. Then I put it all on my return, that is to say after this parliamentary session.

On June 7, 2016, at the time of going to the airport, says our colleague, “he asked his son to put in his car the bag with his defective 12 gauge. The son took a wrong “package” – both arms being packed in like bags, he threw his sights on the one containing the Kalashnikov. So it was a big surprise to Sassouan Hiri Hiri, when, of his own will, he went to report to the police the contents of his bag of millet, but saw instead a different weapon of his father.

Will this explanation convince the police, let’s wait and see.

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