Cameroon – MINFI: An official challenges Alamine O. Mey, says he won’t go to retirement!

Written by Deckson N.

According to the newspaper Le Soir, the named Onguene Awana deliberately refuses to comply after receiving retirement notifications.

According to the newspaper Le Soir edition of 15 June 2016, Onguene Awana, official at the Ministry of Finance (MINFI), is part of the group of “recalcitrant retirees” who refuse retirement. Despite the departure notifications for retirement, he and other officials “jostle with the authorities in place, slowing the huge clean up operation started by Alamine Ousman Mey, the Minister of Finance in his ministry. ” An attitude that makes the newspaper say that Cameroonians are no more afraid of laws.

“After notification, no one has moved. Laurent Onguene Awana held a crisis meeting with his “lieutenantsMberecke A Seyi, Nkamta Janvier, Gouet, Tonmeu Jean Paul. Meeting during which, it would seem that they have decided not to leave their offices. Still to this day, all notified and retirees are assiduously at work and loudly proclaim that they ain’t going nowhere, “said a source encountered by the newspaper.

Another well-fed source points out that some officials who were notified are resisting the authorities of the MINFI. They even go so far as saying that the MINFI is powerless. This is unfortunately the case in many of the directions of the MINFI, the source says.

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