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Cameroon – Richard Bona: I am the voice of the people, the true voice of the people. I speak for the people, “

Written by Deckson N.

In an interview broadcasted on Sunday on BBC Africa, the Cameroonian bassist again raised his strained relationship with the authorities of Yaounde. He reiterated his desire to see the law on dual nationality applied in all its rigor.

Richard Bona did not budge. Anyway, when not its necessary to speak the law on dual citizenship. The Cameroonian bassist spoke again on the subject during a passage on the antennas of BBC Africa. In a program aired on June 12, 2016, the brilliant guitarist still proclaims that he would like dual citizenship applied without discrimination.

“Let then apply the laws to everyone or else they should change the law and I, could also shut up and do as everyone. We should simply respect our laws ourselves. How can we be violating our laws? Let’s apply the law to everyone, “he said recalling that he decided to make this claim when one day a he saw a Cameroonian minister not being asked for a visa when he presented a passport while he saw himself forced to “have a visa.” Bona thinks that if we can not apply the law to everyone, its better to change it. He does not even want that the situation should be fixed for him alone.

About the medal decoration he denied last year, the musician explained that it was not made “under normal standards.” He rehashed an attempted corruption of which he was the victim.

That I should be called by the chancery and being told:” we need to process your medal decorating file. Did I ask you to decorate me? We must stop these old practices. I do not need decoration. I already decorated my heart in the world, through the fans, “he said, shouting that he does not like scams.

These are old ways. Some people in the country are unable to get rid of. ” To those who criticized him of “vomiting on Cameroon,” Bona retorts that he never disowned his roots and swear they will never succeed in the cutting him from Cameroon . “They can not put me away. I am a Nyaramwa, I was born in Minta, my great-grandfather drove to Kou, we fished at Ngonglé, we fished at Kéré. And my children will fish in this river.

Bona said to speak for the people of Cameroon. He is not far from presenting himself as their Messiah. “I am the voice of the people, the true voice of the people. I speak for the people, “I do not belong to any party. I do not make politics. I do not like injustice. I got high because I saw an inconsistency in the law. ” He promises to continue to denounce what is wrong in Cameroon without fear, because he is a “free spirit.

Bona, who presented his latest album “Heritage” to listeners of BBC Africa, also speaks of the tribute to Monique Koumateke this woman pregnant with twins who died at the threshold of Laquintinie Hospital in Douala due to lack of proper care. “If this lady came to the hospital with 200,000 FCFA she would’ve been taken care of .” The song that Richard Bona dedicated to her is entitled “Ya Essewe Monique.” It appears in the sixth position in the album.

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