Cameroon – Aurelien Chedjou: “We’ll go to Gabon to show that Cameroon is not dead”

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The central defender of Galatasaray on holiday in Cameroon, gave an interview to While talking about his season in the Turkish Super Lig, Aurélien Chedjou also talked on qualification and Cameroon’s ambitions for AFCON 2017.

Read the interview below!

CIN: Hello, Aurélien Chedjou

Chedjou: Hello!

CIN: The Indomitable Lions are qualified for the AFCON 2017. We imagine that it is a big satisfaction for you who are in the den since 2009.

Chedjou: It’s always a pleasure to represent my country in an international competition. Here we speak of the AFCON 2017 which practically at home. So we’ll go validly represent the national colors and hope it goes better than before.

Observers believe that the Lions have shown a good spirit in the games against France and Mauritania. In your opinion, what makes the difference today compared to yesterday?

Against France we showed that we were able to compete with the best teams in the world. When one is fine in the head, when you can run for each other, we could show beautiful things on the field. That said, we must not stop at this level. This is the most difficult beginning since people will not understand after the game against France we did not reproduced them the same performance.

Do you think things have changed with the arrival of new coach Hugo Broos?

Saying it would mean that I take credit for work done by his predecessors. We realized that it was necessary that our generation also write something. We talked among ourselves and now we really form a strong block players. This is how we manage to win something.

The qualification for the AFCON is acquired, but the playoffs of  World Cup 2018 will start and there will be the AFCON in January. Are you aware that the group still has a lot of work to do?

Absolutely. The whole is not to qualify for the AFCON. We have to go in Gabon to show that Cameroon is not dead. After several years of scarcity, we must look up. The competition will be played at home, so we will be very strong. The bare minimum is the last four.

How do you value your association with Adolf Teikeu in central defense in the absence of Nicolas Nkoulou?

He is a good player. If called, it means he has qualities. Now, either with him or Nicolas it is the coach to make the best choice for Cameroon. I would not like to talk of Chedjou-Teikeu Association not to mention the association Teikeu can do with Nicolas or Nicolas can do with Teikeu. These three defenders show beautiful things and it is the coach who must choose.

Let’s talk about the Turkish Süper Lig. In the league you have been tenured for 19 times with Galatasaray. But in the end, no title. Is is a big disappointment?

Exactly because Galatasaray started the season with the aim to win everything. That was the case last year. It is true that the coaching change was very early beginning of the season. But certainly we have slept on our laurels and the others are better prepared. On a personal level, I was the victim of an injury, hence my low playing time. I hope to continue to speak next season.

You’re 30, Galatasaray will participate in a European competition. Will you stay?

Why leave the boat when it is sinking? It’s just a season without European competitions. It is true that there will be a twinge of watching these games on TV. But there is the sanction in relation to financial fair play. That said, the fact of playing one game a week, it is also an advantage. To us to win the championship very quickly to return strong next year.

What do you do during the holidays?

Simple things. In Turkey, I do not have time to go out except for training. Here I enjoy my family, relatives and acquaintances. I also ate a little while hoping that I will not take a lot of weight. In short, I sleep a lot, I go visit also left and right.

Thank you Aurélien Chedjou.

Thank you.


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