Cameroon – Consumption: An organization alerts on the quality of imported rice from Thailand

Written by Deckson N.

Africa Rice is concerned about the quality of this cereal from Asia and asks its members to be vigilant.

A dispatch dated 8 June reported that “Africa Rice would like to warn member States that it has recently received credible information about the plans of Thailand to export in May and June 2016, 11.4 million tonnes of rice from Government stocks. Africa could be used as a dump, if care is not taken, “we read in Mutations of Friday, June 10, 2016, on newsstands.

Also, “Africa Rice would like to draw the attention of the Council of Ministers and its development partners on the implications of such massive exports of rice in a short period towards Africa in the three main channels of the rice sector in Africa.

The other fear of Africa Rice is about the health risk faced by populations consuming rice that may have been stored for a long time with chemicals. “Although consumers tend to” save on the low price of imported rice, they will need to spend more money to care for their health, “says the dispatch. In Senegal, for example, the national police recently seized 22,690 tonnes of rice unfit for human consumption, continued the dispatch.

According to Africa Rise, as recommendation, “African governments must adopt non-tariff measures based on the quality standard of imported rice from any country, and ensure border effective control of quality. In addition to this, it is necessary that government agencies, importers and producers of rice closely follow the movements of imported rice in the markets in Africa, “.

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