Cameroon – Touboro: Army kills 30 highway robbers!

Written by Deckson N.

At Touboro, a northern town, the Cameroonian army has just completed 15 response operations against the highway robbers. These operations have resulted in the killing of thirty highway robbers.

Ten assault rifles and thousands of ammunition were also seized by the Cameroon military, during these various field operations.

The authorities of the region, headed by the governor, presented the guns seized to the people of Touboro, living a nightmare for several months, because of the activities of a gang of criminals.

John Abate Edi`i, the governor of the northern region, urged people to report suspicious people. The number one of the region warned accomplices of highway robbers, who are recruited both from Cameroon, Chad, Central African or cohabiting in the locality.

A cargo of drugs, (Tramol), seized by special forces in Cameroon, was cremated.

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  • Laurent

    Bonjour, je vous tient au courant des problèmes survenu a Mbaimboum le 1 juillet 2016 ,suite à l’enlèvement de 6 personnes dans cette localité la sécurité n’est plus en place et de forte rançon ont été demandé par les bandit . A ce jour et suivant mes informations les problèmes n’ont pas été réglé et l’inefficacité est totale pour résoudre se problème.
    Bien à vous Mr laurent.

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