Cameroon – Adamawa: Thieves rob a taxation building!

Written by Deckson N.

To believe the Emergence Daily, stamps and stickers as well as administrative documents were swept away.

The Emergence Daily edition of 8 June 2016, revealed that on the night of June 5, the offices of the taxation Divisional Centre  of the Vina division in the Adamawa Region, was robbed. “According to sources close to the investigation, the robbers broke into the building at the Bali neighborhood through the roof,” the newspaper writes.

Police sources relate that once inside, the thugs went via several offices. It’s in the early hours of June 6 that the  staff employed at the Divisional Centre of taxation of the Vina made the discovery. “When I arrived in the morning, I was struck by the state of my office. There were papers everywhere on the floor. The ceiling was ripped open and some furniture badly damaged , “says an official serving in the said center.

Informed of the situation, investigators from the Adamawa Regional Criminal Investigation Division  immediately conducted a raid on the premises. The first elements of the investigation reveal that “the robbery was the work of several thugs of a strong gang.” However it was noted that they were unable to open the safe. Although it has been considerably damaged.

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