Cameroon – North: A gendarme sentenced by the military court and sent to jail!

Written by Deckson N.

This is Chief Warrant Officer Simon Nagassou. He was taken to the Garoua Central Prison.

On June 1, Chief Warrant Officer Simon Nagassou was taken to the Garoua Central Prison. He was previously heard by the Military Court of the city. This is a new episode in the “war of gendarmes,”writes Le Jour newspaper edition of 7 June 2016. The Commander of the territorial grouping of the gendarmerie for the North blames him for “ insubordination, false and use of forgery and false accusations in front of the media.

The daily newspaper says that “since the beginning of May, gendarmes assigned to the legion of police stations are engaged in a battle and sometimes through the media. This time, the commander of the territorial grouping of the gendarmerie for the North came in. He took legal and disciplinary proceedings against Simon Nagassou “. And according to sources faced by the newspaper, the Chief Warrant Officer “was considered as a corrupt policeman.

At six months to his retirement, we learn that Simon Nagassou would involed in multiple traffic and bribes. “The D.O of Gashiga reported this to the legion of police stations.” After investigations that was ensued and led by that legion, the results that emerge are overwhelming.

A source close to the dossier said that “he used to position his elements at Demsa with instructions to extort money from people while he was in bars in Garoua waiting for the evening to go and share the collected money¬† “.

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