Cameroon – Bird Flu: Actors of the poultry sector expect compensation from the government

Poultry sellers in Yaounde
Written by Deckson N.

Poultry sellers evoke a marginalization from the Ministry of Livestock Fisheries and Animal Industries (MINEPIA).

Since Thursday, May 26, when the sales of poultry was banned in the Mfoundi division, we have not yet had an exchange with government representatives,” says Jean Paul Kamga, Secretary General (SG) of the Solidarity Association in poultry (SDV) of the Mvog-Ada market, the largest poultry market space of the city of Yaounde.

Last Wednesday, agents of the MINEPIA, accompanied by the security forces arrested vendors and seized a hundred chickens without any compensation,” he said the SG indignantly in the columns the Mutations newspaper published on Monday, June 6, 2016. According to the SG of the SDV Association, farmers are entitled to at least some measures.

In addition, to liquidate the goods, the veterinary service carry out visits to farms. If after evaluation no pathology is detected, they gives breeders a health certificate that allows them to sell their poultry. This resolution was taken we learn last Friday during a meeting between officials of MINEPIA, sellers and breeders, at the regional office of the Centre. But for the Association, it is not a solution for breeders. “This is not in our favor. We always stay unemployed. We are left behind, “says Jean Paul Kamga.

If one believes Gaston Mayebe, Regional Delegate of the MINEPIA for the Centre, the exchange of Friday, June 3, 2016 was intended to raise awareness and to make proposals to the operators of the sector. “We want to identify them in the sub-divisional level. The sector needs to be organized. It must have a traceability from farm to market. Supervisors will be nominated, “he said. Worldwide, the bird flu displays a balance sheet of over 400 deaths since 2003.

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