Cameroon – Arthur Zang: How I reached Paul Biya in person and obtain funding!

Written by Deckson N.

Asked by an internet user about the difficulty of access to finance for young innovators during a debate TV show on Africa 24 dedicated to the digital economy in Cameroon, Arthur Zang recounted his personal experience. According to the inventor of the Cardiopad, this tablet that can make heart tests and send the results to remote doctors who prescribe medication thereafter, the beginnings were difficult. In addition to his personal efforts, he had the support of the President of the Republic, Paul Biya.

I did not have enough means when I started. It was my mother who took the first bank credit of 700,000 francs CFA that allowed me to build my first prototype. Then I was able to reach the head of state in person thanks to an article by Beaugas DJOYUM, a Cameroonian journalist who wrote this article (Beaugas is the editor of TIC Mag) I have a life like that of all Cameroonians. All Cameroonians can do what I did, “he says.

To also get funding and visibility to the public and even from the head of state, the young Arthur Zang says he has also participated in numerous international competitions he has won, which gave him credibility with banks.

Also, Arthur Zang did not remain idle. To raise some money, he also worked at the Catholic University of Central Africa as head of the IT department.

Today, Arthur Zang is confident of the support of the state. “Is the state with me? I would say yes. The President of the Republic has meant a strong commitment to support the Cardiopad project. He reiterated several times. As everyone knows, lately I got the special prize of the head of state in the amount of 20 million CFA francs that helped me pick other machines in China. This was very important, “says the inventor.

But only that, the Cardiopad is not really being used that well by Cameroonians but instead in Gabon and Nepal, major customers of the tablet. Because in Cameroon, no order has yet been made by the Public Hospitals of the 300 Cardiopads assembled in Yaounde. Arthur Zang explained: “In Cameroon, we are working with the Ministry of Health for approval of the device. Since hospitals are under the Ministry, the Ministry asked us to fulfill certain conditions, namely national and international approval before ordering. They asked us some documents that are already provided. Everything is in the hands of the Ministry to form a committee for approval before there hospitals can order. So we remain optimistic that everything will be okay. ” It’s for each and everyone to understand!

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