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Cameroon – Geraldríco Gúevara II: [MUST READ] Music Video Director thinks the King Kong is an “Ezemo”

Written by Deckson N.

Geraldríco Gúevara II is back again. This time around, the music video director/editor used his editing expertise to analyse the King Kong’s “Bounce” video. After his analysis guess what, he found something we could not imagine. Note that this is part two of another post he gave some few days ago.

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So on Sunday evening, he decided to bring part two of the first post. Read below and share your thoughts on comments.


I consider STANLEY ENOW a spell caster…it is my opinion from facts…if you want to repudiate my opinion, go ahead then…but read this to the end first…Then come back and slam me, but try to do it in a way that will send me six feet below so that I may no longer worry the tranquility of your muscle-less KINGKONG; but if u fail, BEWARE!!

When the video of the song BOUNCE dropped last week, many speculations as to why LOCKO didn’t appear in the video hit the social media…some said LOCKO’s Management couldn’t afford the ‘gargantuan’ transport fare to go to SA for the video shoot. Others said both LOCKO and STANLEY’s managements had their agreement that was kept from us. Others said Stanley didn’t want LOCKO in the video because LOCKO was too FAT…etc etc…

That kongossa above is not my point of interest in this article. However, it’s a shame that our amazing singer didn’t appear in a video whose audio had that astounding singing from him…\
For some time now, our MARGO and NDUTU vocal pundit LOCKO has been having success and his music has been cutting across Cameroon and abroad.Infact, every girl will want her guy to have his vocal gift.

That’s LOCKO…but it seems like our man KINGKONG rebukes that success…my reasons follow..
The heart-throbbing and frightful thing which forced me to write this article is that – 9 minutes into the video of BOUNCE, where STANLEY calls out LOCKO’s Name in the audio, LOCKO’s Name appears in front of a rusty PADLOCK. And this got me puzzled…What could this SYMBOL mean? (see photo below)


screenshot at 9 seconds of play of the Bounce music video

This can be taken as a very inconsequential insert in the video which carries no meaning…

I have been into professional music video production and editing for many years now and I can tell you that nothing enters a video for nothing…every insert must have either an intrinsic or superficial meaning, but all must mean something….What then does this PADLOCK mean to LOCKO as an artiste who featured in the song and didn’t appear in the video, and to us all, the public??

You don’t need to be a symbologist to understand what that PADLOCK means. Stanley’s die-hard fans, whose heads are blocked by water fufu and sheepishness (my opinion) will say it’s a very unimportant insert.

We in Africa have our beliefs, although many of us are not superstitious. This goes beyond superstition for it tells how cunning and shrewd STANLEY is…Isn’t this a display of bad-tidings towards LOCKO??

Doesn’t this mean that LOCKO’s future as an artiste has been padlocked, which means his career has been bewitched? Is Stanley Casting a dark spell on LOCKO’s Career??
Is Stanley afraid of competition in Cameroon? Doesn’t he want to see any of Camer’s artiste prospering as LOCKO has started doing?

Dont tell me that LOCKO asked for that lock to be used to represent him…no Artiste in his right mind will ask for that…infact a photo of LOCKO wud have filled that gap if that was the case…but that wasnt the case…

Again, I was very shocked that the very people I thought will understand me and support me in making our muscle-less KINGKONG humble and be more inspiring instead flabbergasted me.

It’s a shame that many of the insulted artistes found boundless pleasure in being insulted by their KING. Others even went ahead to applaud STANLEY’s lyrics and his choice of words in the song…
Some toothless Artistes in Bamenda whom I think were not insulted fired back at me for reproaching their SAINT.

GEE REIGN was even blogged; he optionally tried to take STANLEY’s bullet while making me feel very stupid for pointing out STANLEY’s superciliousness. Gee Reign, if u think this is a good strategy to call attention to yourself and to beg for a collabo with KINGKONG, Know that u di boil na beans…

some of these artistes said i was tagging them to useless posts…if u no want make i tag u, u can as well block me…Jesus was not loved by everyobe…many of his great ideas and criticism was met with bitterness…

Blueprint Hakeem, another artiste from Bamenda said he is behind KINGKONG and supported his lyrics claiming that when STANLEY’s rivals insult the latter, I said nothing…Bros Hakeem, Stanley has generalized all Cameroon Artistes in that song.. was he talking to one person? NO… artistes in general. and Yaoundé being the furthest place camer artistes (those outside yde) will travel to in their careers and then get stuck (my criticism).
Many of these artiste said I should not tag them to these posts…and I was like…what the hell?

Isn’t this your industry that Stanley is insulting?Are you all afraid or what? Is your boldness only heard in your songs?? if you are afraid in showbiz, then quit before a bomb explodes your smelly behinds…

Atunek Macdonald, BENOIT carline, Sezao Realms …I believe you guys had a hard time understanding the meaning of my post…Macdonald is not an artiste, so why will he feel the blow? Carline is a Stanley fan, infact she may be in-love with him because of his success…she can’t dare insult her man especially when he is not yet married…lol

DOHA PRINCE– I keep wondering if you are STANLEY’s communication officer. If no, has he bribed you? Can a fan be this …shallow in understanding??
DRAY syl – I keep taking Stanley’s punches and u seem to be Bayangi…are you?? That may make perfect sense…man must support e brother.
CLIFF lemongho – Was Jovi mentioned in my last post?? Have u been supplying him with weed? If yes, I see your point, if no, you are bucked…

I will keep saying this no matter how much people argue…Stanley’s music sell, yes…good packaging…good beat, good sound engineering, but over-rated lyrics.
DID YOU KNOW? : In Dynastie’s ‘’Prends Soin D’elle’’ Feat. STANLEY, the latter could not rap on the beat, and so the beat was changed at his verse so he cud make his inhuman croaks.

My friend Dblock says there is nothing like bad publicity in showbiz…of course yes…Because my previous post sent hundreds of people rushing to watch BOUNCE video on youtube…perhaps this one will do too…STANLEY…am not an enemy, am just a fan wanting u to work harder and to be more respectful…

if wuna all fear for tok for stanley; or wuna di fear becos of wuna reputation, if ne becos wuna check say if wuna warn stanley now, e no go ever do collabo with wuna, then you all camer artistes are toothless crocodiles…Stanley get right for kosh wuna all….Am one nigga who has no fear…

By Geraldríco Gúevara II.Signed.

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