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Cameroon – Brenda Biya: What about her summon on 1st June 2016? Was it True?

Written by Deckson N.

The Cameroonian First Daughter, Brenda Biya, was allegedly “summoned” before a Californian court for threatening her mother, who is also the First Lady of Cameroon, Chantal Biya with a knife.

The information was a big surprise to many Cameroonians and many people doubted it and some thought it was an internet hoax. The news was released by Cameroonjournal.com. After some researches online to verify this information, another version was also seen on koaci.com, an Ivorian news website. The news on this Ivorian website matched the one in Cameroonjournal correctly, and an additional information to it was that, this news was released by the Conseil Camerounais de transition (CCT), an NGO based in the US claiming to fight against the Yaounde regime.

Also in that information, they claimed that Brenda threatened Chantal with a knife. This information “might” be true because a new video has emerged online showing her threatening another person with a knife. Knowing that she does drugs, there are high chances that she could do that to her mother. But this are just speculations.

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So what about the summon?. According to that news, she was to be heard on the 1st June 2016. by the time we wrote this article, it’s already 3days after the said date, and nothing has been heard about it. Even the first website that published the news has no update.

This won’t be a surprise if she is not seen in any court. Because we made a search on Californian court online services, and her name was nowhere to be found. Which again “might” mean that, Brenda was not summon to appear to court in the USA.

Read: Cameroon – Brenda Biya: No record of First daughter in Californian courts

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