Cameroon – Bankim: Some Cameroonians threatening to use suicide bombers in their village!

Written by Deckson N.

Individuals who want their leader’s resignation are threatening to detonate suicide bombers in the city.

The locality of Bankim, capital of the eponymous subdivision, located in the Mayo-Banyo division, in the Adamawa Region, faces terrorist threats from individuals still in the shadows. The latter, through publications from their Facebook social network, are proliferating threats to the village chief of whom they want him to resign.

According to information relayed by the newspaper La Nouvelle Expression of Thursday, June 2, 2016, everything started from “a fake profile created in the name of the top leader of Bankim, used to publish information to terrorize the town.” Through this fake profile, the supposed terrorists send messages such as: “Bankim will be the second Kolofata of Cameroon and Boko Haram shall be victorious. The Borough of Bankim will become an Islamic state and will be attached in Nigeria.

The newspaper says that since 6 months that the phenomenon lasts, the top leader of Bankim, El Hadj Ibrahim Gah II, says to have seized the competent authority. But nothing have been done. The threats for their part seem to have taken a different turn, “since Saturday 28 May, HM Ibrahim Gah II who was traveling, received a call from someone who threatened and insulted him on the phone. This person said he was going to turn into a Kamikaze to go blow himself up at the palace in order to reach the leader. The information received by the leadership at that time created a panic. Especially that the chief was not there, “one reads.

The newspaper also reports that on 10 January 2016, a show was announced at the chiefdom of Bankim. What had pushed the “hidden writers” to redo an outlet to say no to this show which, according to them, was to raise the profile of the chief. They then said that a suicide bomber aged 9-year old was already ready to blow up that day.

The explosives are ready. This is not intimidation; you can try and we will see later that day when the tide of human blood will flow in the courtyard of the top chiefdom of Bankim, “had indicated the terrorists. The silence of the authorities are already worrying, the paper said. Behind the scenes, we speak of underground negotiations. Other people think rather that these same authorities are afraid for their families, since in one of the letters, some of them who have tried to address the problem were threatened, said La Nouvelle Expression. Eyes are now turned to the high hierarchy.

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