Cameroon – Adamawa: The BIR elements beat 2 young men to death because of 5000 CFA F!

Written by Deckson N.

Cameroonian soldiers got 2 villagers beaten to death in Nom, a small locality in the Adamawa, we learn from different sources of the community, who reported the circumstances of the tragedy.

4 elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR), have beaten to death two villagers of about 30-year of age in Nom, a small locality in the Nganha subdivision, Adamawa region, located 65 km from Ngaoundere.

About the circumstances of the tragedy, eyewitnesses report that, after being judged before the customary court for stealing a sum of FCFA 5000 from a young girl, Moussa of Cameroonian nationality who is a native of the Nganha subdivision, and a mango seller, said he gave the money to Abdou, a young man of Chadian nationality, who have settled in Nom for many years now.

In the fight, the elements of the BIR who were passing by in their vehicles, thought the two protagonists, of whom Abdou was armed with a knife, were highway robbers (which is the main reason for their presence in that locality).

They got them well beaten from 7:00 AM to 2:00 AM, with a rare violence. They walked on them while singing. They eventually kill them before our eyes. A horror. Then they went to declare to the D. O that they killed highway robbers, “said anonymously, terrified, an eyewitness.

Since the tragedy, the authorities including the village head and the customary court, undertook awareness among terrified people, with a view to make them testify falsely during investigations that the two young people killed were highway robbers, “says a second source who has strongly requested anonymity.

Cameroonian security forces are regularly accused of atrocities by non-governmental organizations against the population they are supposed to protect.

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