Cameroon – Foly Dirane: Veteran TV host sacked from “Delire” because he’s old!

Written by Deckson N.

36 million FCFA would be the cause of the sidelining of the famous TV and Radio presenter, who has been prensenting “Delire” for some time now. A program that Foly Dirane hosts since 1991.

Foly Dirane no longer hosts “Delire”. This TV show launched on March 15, 1991 on the national television of Cameroon, is a program dedicated to both the entertainment and education of youth. Young people, students mostly, perform songs by taking covering the songs of their idols. This show has even allowed many of them to embrace the musical career. Foly Dirane during this program has never ceased to move the youths with awareness messages against the evils that undermine the Cameroonian society: Alcoholism, prostitution, pederasty, homosexuality among others. Besides, he had himself released a song denouncing these deviations.

But in recent editions of the show, viewers no longer see Foly Dirane on screen. Another presenter, Jean Olivier Owona, one of the young people he trained in CRTV has replaced him. Reportedly, it is the arrival of a new sponsor that has caused the “misfortunes” of Foly Dirane. Indeed, a source says that the Coca Cola┬ácompany has decided to sponsor the program. In agreement with the CRTV Marketing and Communication Agency (commercial service) headed by Odile Mballa, Coca Cola found Foly Dirane already “old” for this TV Show devoted to youths. Other indiscretions reveal that it is the money paid by Coca Cola which would’ve eventually convinced the commercial service of CRTV to rule Foly Dirane out. In his entourage they speak simply of a “humiliation” of the communication icon.

According to well-fed source, Coca Cola would have asked CRTV for 5 test TV Shows. For a total of 38 million FCFA. With the production of the first 3 shows, CRTV has already pocketed 16 million francs. The same source indicates that Coca Cola should pay back 22 million for the remaining TV shows to be produced.

Although Foly Dirane decided to keep quiet on this issue, his talkative entourage accuses the illegality of CRTV sacking Foly Dirane from “Delire” since according to the texts of their contract, it’s in two years that he will take his official retirement. So logically, nothing prevents him from continuing to host this show.

On social networks, many young people continue to show their admiration and demand his return to the presentation of “Delire”. Brilliant TV and radio animator, Foly Dirane was initially ruled out of the urban radio channel of CRTV, FM94, and the presentation of the Sunday TV show “Tamtam Weekend“. Today he has been ruled out from the “Delire” show. The only show that was left for him.

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