Cameroon – Anne Marie Nzie: Diva’s family accuses government of abandoning her!

Written by Deckson N.

The artist would’ve been abandoned to herself.

It is a dead silence that prevailed last Wednesday at the home of the Cameroonian music diva Anne Marie Nzié. After several days spent in the Yaounde Central Hospital, the 82-year old artist passed away on 24 May. For her family, its a blow especially as her relatives spent time alongside the deceased and have seen her fade away. Among them, her younger sister, who was also her dancer, Mama Bissa Binga Marlyse. The old lady, who says that the artist was her last hope, tries to remember the beautiful moments spent in the company of the deceased.

Yet despite some sweet memories evoked, a bitter aftertaste is present in the heart of her relatives. Indeed, the family blames the state for not having supported the singer at the announcement of her illness. Yet three months before she entered the Yaounde Central Hospital, Anne Marie Nzié suffered a stroke that almost crushed her brain. The family in panick knew not where to turn to. “Fortunately some members of the government like the Minister of Arts and Culture and the Minister of Transport gave her money to buy drugs,” said the sister of the deceased.

Unfortunately, these isolated gestures was the only one the family received. According to The Herald on newsstands this Thursday, May 26, 2016, no one visited her and the monitoring of the singer’s health took a hit. A situation that would have prompted the artist to find solutions herself. “Given her advanced age, she had to make some cabarets and nightclubs to have some money to survive. But that was not enough and one day, she relapsed and never recovered, “says one of her many grandchildren.

Moreover, according to the newspaper, no member of the government much less a musician showed up at the home of the diva since the announcement of her death.

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