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Cameroon – Nathalie K: Did God give her a baby girl for a reason?

Nathalie Koah, the former girlfriend of Samuel Eto’o announced on Monday, May 23, 2016 on her Facebook page, to be pregnant with a girl. “I am very happy to announce that we are expecting a GIRL. God is amazing. I feel so blessed, “she wrote. Many comments appeared since then to congratulate one who is considered by many as a celebrity. “I’ve never commented on your post Nathalie. But I am very moved by this post. I wish you all the best Nathalie !! Congratulations to you …. Kisses “commented one of her 90,961 fans.

But other comments are far from being soft, like another fan who believes that by giving a daughter to the former girlfriend of Samuel Eto’o, God wanted to put teach her a lesson.

I hope you will teach her to avoid the path that you took. I also hope that what you voluntarily lived all this time will serve you; for God was not crazy to give you A GIRL. This is a test, he could give you a boy, but it’s a girl … With this, I hope you will understand your mother, your stupidity and errors, and the wife of Eto’o, “she wrote.

This user was quickly called out by the admirers of the author of Revenge Porn, the book that reveals the hidden face of Samuel Eto’o. Nathalie Koah tells in this book, threats that Samuel Eto’o would have done to her when she decided to end their relationship.

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