Cameroon – Mebe Ngo’o: Minister suspected of using a Chinese for fiscal Paradise!

Written by Deckson N.

The name of the Minister of Transport would have been found in the list of personalities incriminated by the vast system of tax evasion.

Referring to the Anecdote newspaper in which the story appeared a week ago, La Nouvelle of Monday, May 23, 2016 shows that a wave of the Panama papers have reached Cameroon concerning the scandal of tax evasion. To believe the newspaper, a Chinese named, Mia Yan Fu, not residing in Cameroon was used to transfer money from Cameroon designed for transactions in China. According to a source of the newspaper, the money took the tax haven destination.

The newspaper recalls that Cameroon has made two major financial transactions in China in recent years. “This is the controversial acquisition of the MA60 aircraft. And especially for weapons purchase contracts and military equipment, “. Transport Minister Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o, personally took care of the case when he was minister in charge of defense.

A proposal of military equipment of the Ministry of Defense was made to the Chinese company Polytechnology and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, via Admiral Jean Pierre Nsola who was at the time the military attachĂ© at the Embassy of Cameroon in China. The Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon requested a parallel expertise of Jean Pierre to ensure that the prices charged are those assessed by the Minister of Defense. This command that included military trucks of weapons and military uniforms was valued at nearly 75 billion CFA francs. But a second estimate valued at double the initial payment for the same command was presented by a Franco-Italian named Franquetti considered as a “screen man” of  Mebe Ngo’o.

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