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Cameroon-Mbanga: Man Rapes a Woman Sleeping Next to Her Husband

Written by kmerteam

This unusual scene took place in the south west region, specifically in Mbanga  on the night of Friday 06 breaking Saturday, May 7 2016 at around 2am.

According to the facts, a worthy son of the village came to spend the weekend and whenever he comes to the village, he always buys enough drinks and food for his family and villagers.

During his visit, a couple was also among the recipients of these items and after eating and drinking the couple decided to live the fun till midnight.

In the night the couples enjoyed themselves and when they finished, the rapist entered when the man was asleep and without wasting time fell on the lady who thought it was her husband.

As the rapist was on the lady, the noise from their act wake the man up and before that, the head was resting on the shoulder of the husband and she had been wondering if her husband has three arms.

When the husband got up, he alerted a neighbour that pounced on the rapist. After a series of investigations, it was revealed that rapist and had been to prison three times and associated to two cases of rape.

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