Cameroon – CPDM: Party fires journalist for being against Paul Biya!

Written by Deckson N.

According to the Chronicle newspaper published in Bamenda, Gwain Colbert Fulai, the northwestern correspondent is no longer part of the “L’Action” newspaper.

It’s from the Chronicle newspaper that I learned I am sacked from L’Action. I have not received a letter in this regard from my employer, “says Gawain Colbert Fulai to the Messager newspaper in its issue of Monday, 23 May 2016. A dismissal which come from his position against the call for Paul Biya to run for 2018 Presidential elections.

Indeed, in February, the journalist had launched a campaign called “A people’s call for Anglophone Presidency for 2018 ‘, advocating a bid from an English thoroughbred for this election, the paper recalls. He insinuated that the presence of an anglophone at the head of state in 2018 will bring forth unity and stability of Cameroon.

This media outlet of Gwain Colbert Fulai, reported on page 3 of the newspaper Le Messager of 18 February 2016, did not leave indifferent the direction of the newspaper L’Action. “My writing put me under pressure to make a disclaimer or an update to the newspaper Le Messager. I was asked if I projected myself as the future challenger of Paul Biya in this election or for who was I working?“says the journalist.

Yet this English-speaking journalist suggested that his act was part of the logic of the weekly newspaper L’Action slogan namely “win the challenge to continue the change.” Furthermore, if for him two French have ruled all this time the country, logic would dictate that the next President of the Republic should be an anglophone. For him, 2018 should mark the beginning of a rotating between anglophone and francophone. A notice that cost him his place in the newspaper L’Action.

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