Cameroon – Justice: A Secret Service agent claims 1.6 billion CFA francs from the State of Cameroon

Written by Deckson N.

He contests a decision of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic.

Pierre Koumgou wants Cameroon to pay him the sum of 1.6 billion CFA Francs. He told the Yaounde Administrative Court on 10 May. The Kalara newspaper edition of May 23, 2016 indicates that it is since on 30 September, that this police officer sued the General Delegation for National Security (DGSN). He contests the decision taken to sack him from the National Security. He also invites the Court to recognize the invalidity of the act, according to him based on a “non-existent text.

In fact, on 5 July 2013, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic issued a decree, that ended the career of Pierre Koumgou. He was accused of dereliction of duty. “The dereliction that led to the dismissal of the police officer who is appearing before the court as a senior police officer is dating back to 2007. Without prior express request or explanation, he was absent from his service after he slipped an “informative letter”, under the office door of his superior. In that letter, he told his superior that he was going to Yaounde for a short stay, “says the newspaper.

Only that the officer made 36 days. That is 6 more days beyond the quota registered beyond the statutory period of absence that tops out at 30 days according to police documents. The newspaper reported that disciplinary proceedings had been brought against him. On April 19, 2012, Pierre Koumgou who was summoned to the disciplinary board refused to show up. It is a year after that he was sanctioned.

For him, the punishment of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh is fraught with irregularities. One of them is a violation of “the rule of parallelism.” He was drafted into the police by a decision of the Head of State. So, it is still the Head of State who can sack him.

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