Cameroon – Abel Elimbi Lobe: Politician thinks it’s time for an anglophone to be president

Written by Deckson N.

Abel Elimbi Lobe believes that Anglophones in Cameroon are marginalized. The Deputy National Secretary of Communication of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) thinks that their claims – including secessionists – are founded. Invited to discuss on Sunday, May 22, 2016, on Equinox television, he said that national unity can not be consolidated in injustice. He argues that the date of 20 May is being manipulated and urged to remember the route and the deep significance of what that date resulted from.

“I mean that Cameroon has a problem of excessive and overflowing men who end up doing stupid things,” says the SDF Councillor of Douala V. He further explains that “it’s not because you’re not talking about something that it does not exist. You can talk about the problem. You can refuse to speak about the English problem but it will exist if it is not resolved.

Abel Elimbi Lobe indexes his colleagues. He believes that it is the politicians who create all wars “by their behavior, their way of running public affairs.” He believes that “it is time we thought that one of the ways to consolidate national unity is that the President should also be an anglophone one day. And it is now “, he says, not without wondering “ in what name must we continue to wait? “

He is convinced that Francophones in Cameroon are “organized so that the English man does not arrive to the presidency,” and explains that the birth of the SCNC is because of this “injustice“. As evidence of the marginalization of Anglophones Elimbi Lobe quoted their absence to the most important positions in the Government of Cameroon since the accession to international sovereignty.

“Since independence, until now, no sovereignty Ministry has been occupied by an anglophone. You say, “ah that’s not important. What is important is that we have a good minister. There has never been an anglophone defense minister here in Cameroon, same for the minister of external relations. There has never been a patron of the gendarmerie or the police who is anglophone. There has never been a patron of Education and Higher Education, who is anglophone, “he laments.

Elimbi Lobe lists again before stopping, “the President of the Republic is francophone, the Senate President is francophone, the President of the National Assembly, the President of the Economic and Social Council, the President of the Supreme Court are all francophones.

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