Cameroon – Olivier Madiba: Sales of Cameroonian first video game still slow!

One month after the launch of the first Cameroonian video game by the Kiro Games studios, its developer, Olivier Madiba(OM) evaluates the progress and discusses the main challenges for his team in the future. Below is an exempt of his interview with TICMAG.NET.

You’ve officially launched Aurion: L’héritage des Kori-Odan on April 14, 2016. After one month, what is your evaluation?

O.M: We take it as something normal because we are aware that this is the first game of a team that had never produce any before. As they said, this is a world where people are used to perfection and we are aware that the game is not perfect. But for the time we had, we had the budget and ambition that we had, it was not possible to do better. And as they say, it remains the 7/10, or the 8/10 rating even though they would have liked it to be the 10/10. We take it as a motivation to be at the expectations of people vis-à-vis this game.

You mentioned to be working on other projects. What are these projects?

O.M: We are currently in a pre-campaign expansion, but it will depend on several factors and partners that we are now approaching. But our idea is to become the biggest continental video game publisher. We want to continue to make games, and sell them around the world, the United States or Europe. We also want to unite all those who want to make mobile phone games and other. This will be a very big project we give in the future. But it is also important that we can also, with others, position ourselves as investors in the projects of other young people.

Are you satisfied with the work done so far?

O.M: I’m not satisfied. I would’ve wish to tell you that we have already done a million sales or any other announcement like that, but we have not yet arrived. I am satisfied to the extent that we managed critics. But we still have the challenge of sales to succeed, because we have no marketing and we are working with our partners. Let’s say I’m satisfied, but I’m already thinking of the next step!

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