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Cameroon – Franko: Artist makes worst show ever in Marseille!

Franko, the author of the hit song “Coller La Petite” experienced his wprst concert last weeek in Marseille, France. The music celebrity came on stage at 5:00 AM, tried in vain to motivate the fans. Even his hit song “Coller La Petite” did not really work.

So what really went wrong?..

According to the organizers who have in the past produce artists like the X-Maleya, Mani Bella, etc in the same city of France, the late coming of Franko could be the cause of this failure. They say the he was to perform in the afternoon but finally showed up at 2:00 AM. That is why the rapper could not have that good harmony with the DJ.

The organization also denounces the bad faith of Franko. According to Louis Moaka and Olivier Oth who were the organizers, they received a phone call from the entourage of the singer. From the discussion, they learned that Franko had a malaise and could not perform again. Disappointed, the two organizers who had already paid the rapper, decided to contact their lawyer. The lawyer explained to Team Franko what was awaiting them in case the rapper could not perform.

The management of the rapper did not want to comment on this issue. And since they never wanted to be sued, the only option left was for the artist to come and perform. Watch the video above and trust me, the DJ really messed up.

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