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Cameroon – Batibo: Snake bites boy on his buttocks!

Written by Deckson N.

A shoking incident recently took place in Mbunji village in Batibo subdivision, NW region whereby a 26-year-old boy was bitten by a snake on his buttocks inside a bush.

Reports say that this boy went to the farm where he coincidentally met his longtime sweetheart with whom he decided to catch some fun.

they both undressed and where about to make love when a snake suddenly bit the young man on his buttock.

the girl alerted the neighbors who came to the boy’s aid as he was rushed to the St. John of God Clinic in Batibo.

He is presently in the hospital receiving treatment meanwhile the population is still wandering why a snake would choose to bite someone on the buttocks.

Some sources are equally suspecting that the snake could have been sent by the girl’s husband.

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Deckson N.

  • Fred Ajah

    Let the long lost owner of his property enjoy his property and let the disturbed mind their own business.
    So Mr Snake whether u’re the husband or not, just do what concerns u.

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