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Cameroon – Babungo: Man caught red handed in the toilet with another man’s wife!

Written by Deckson N.

A man has rcently been caught in Babungo, Ndop in the NW region, having s*x with another man’s wife in a toilet.

They were caught red handed by the man’s wife who collapsed after seeing her husband in that adulterous act. She was rushed to the hospital where she is under medical care.

Sources say this was not the first time this man and the notorious adulterous woman were caught in this same act.

Before this case, they were caught on Labour Day still in a toilet behind a drinking spot in Babungo.

Ngoketunjia division with Ndop as headquarter seems to be producing lots of adulterous stories. It appears there is a high degree of moral decadence that has affected both men and women alike and ought to be stemmed less the situation spins out of control.

And still in Babungo, Ndula Melvis, mother of two was sexually harassed by seven unidentified boys.

The population suspected that the boys might have come from Bamunka, another village in Ndop. The boys disappeared into thin air after committing this mischievous act on the poor mother.

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