It is said that the serpent with two heads is the symbol of the treason or the treaty of the Bamoun people

Written by Deckson N.

This pejorative metaphor sticks to the skin of this people of the region of West Cameroon. Is right ?

It is common to hear that the Bamoun man is a “two-headed serpent“. As if to say that he is hypocritical and that one should be wary of him. Otherwise, he could stab you in the back. In reality, the two-headed serpent is a highly valued symbol among the Bamoun people. “The two-headed snake is the symbol of the double power of King Mbuembue,” said Dr. Njiassa Njoya, a historian, who died in 2014 when he officiated as the third deputy to the current Sultan Mbombo Njoya.

What did King Mbuembue, the distant ancestor of the Bamoun people do? He won a long war against the Pou people who occupied large lands guarded by a giant monster. Which had the appearance of a serpent unattainable by the name of Sânumpût.

After securing the secret of his opponent, King Mbuembue finally came to the end of the Pou people. Later, he had a two-headed serpent erected to signify that he is unassailable on all fronts, left and right.

This symbol was therefore carved on beds, chairs and other royal objects exclusively, Dr. Njiassadans explained one of his notes.

This symbol continues today. And to treat pejoratively a Bamoun of two-headed serpent is an insult which, indeed, is not one …

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