Cameroon – Parliament: Here is the full list of all the elected members for the new offices of the National Assembly and the Senate.

Written by Deckson N.

CPDM, SDF, NUDP, CDU and MDR are the parties of the presidential majority and the opposition which have representatives in the newly elected offices.

The offices below were elected yesterday Tuesday 21 March 2017 respectively at the Chamber of Ngoa Ekelle for the National Assembly and in the premises of the Congress Hall for the Senate.

On the whole, the elected representatives of the people renewed the two offices of last year with at their head Cavaye Yeguié Djibril for the lower house of parliament and Marcel Niat for the upper chamber.

National Assembly Office


  • Cavaye Yeguié Djibril (CPDM)

First Vice-President

  • Etong Hilarion (CPDM)


  • Baoro Théophile (CPDM)
  • Manjowa Lifaka Emillia (CPDM)
  • Mbah Ndam Joseph (SDF)
  • Kombo Gberi (CPDM)
  • Datouo Théodore (CPDM)


  • Kamssouloum Abba Kabir (CPDM)
  • Awudu Mbaya Cyprian (SDF)
  • Ndoumou born Bekono Pauline (CPDM)
  • Njingum Musa Mbuloh (CPDM)


  • Silikam born Maniamourou Isabelle (CPDM)
  • Nkodo Dang Roger (CPDM)
  • Fotso Joséphine (CPDM)
  • Mebande Brigitte (CPDM)
  • Tomaino Ndam Njoya Patricia (CDU)
  • Mgbatou Pierre (CPDM)
  • Ateawung Foju Bernard (CPDM)
  • Amadou Mohaman (CPDM)
  • Mendoua born Atangana Céline (CPDM)
  • Djomgoue Paul Eric (CPDM)
  • Harouna Nyako (CPDM)
  • Dooh Collins Albert Kouh (CPDM)

Office Senate


  • Marcel Niat Njifenji (CPDM)

First Vice-President

  • Aboubakary Abdoulaye (CPDM)


  • Geneviève Tjoues (CPDM)
  • Paul Tchatchouang (SDF)
  • Sylvestre Naah Ondoua (CPDM)
  • Simon Achidi Achu (CPDM)


  • Jean-Baptiste Baskouda (CPDM)
  • Otte Andrew Moffa (CPDM)
  • Paulette Bisseck (CPDM)


  • Baba Amadou (CPDM)
  • Lucas Fontem Njjifua (CPDM)
  • Samuel Obam Assam (CPDM)
  • Madeleine Haoua (SDF)
  • Marie Claire Moampea (CPDM)
  • Pierette Hayatou Aicha (CPDM)
  • Dakole Daissala (MDR)
  • Pierre Flambeau Ngayap (NUDP)

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