Cameroon – Press Freedom: Peter Essoka threatens some media, the International Federation of Journalists reacts

Written by Deckson N.

The International Federation of Journalists opposes the National Council of Communication which threatens to close some media.

On January 26, 2017, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) made an exit to challenge the National Council of Communication (NCC) on the threats of suspensions made to several media outlets on January 20, 2017. “We Call on the Cameroonian authorities to put an end to threats against the media and journalists, to engage in dialogue with the media and the National Union of Journalists of Cameroon (SNJC), with a view to a better understanding of the role of the media and journalists in The current situation of the country, “said Philippe Leruth, the president of the IFJ.

According to La Nouvelle Expression of 27 January 2017, the head of the IFJ asks the NCC to work to protect the media by renouncing “liberticidal measures“. For the newspaper, all the organizations of journalists thus accord their violins, because this exit of the IFJ follows that of the SNJC, which treats the actions of the CNC of a “drift liberticide“. According to the SNJC, the actions of the NCC essentially affect the freedom of expression of citizens, freedom of opinion, freedom of knowledge and information for citizens, freedom of the press, editorial freedom and freedom of expression of the media. It is the gagging of the press and the return to censorship.

La Nouvelle Expression recalls that, through a communiqué broadcast on national radio, Peter Essoka, the President of the NCC brought to the attention of media professionals and national and international public opinion that in the Anti-democratic claims orchestrated for some time in the North-West and South-West regions, by socio-political activists, about the federal form of the state and calls for secession, some media offer their spaces for the dissemination of information and seditious remarks. In particular, Le Messager, the Cameroon Post, The Guardian Post, The Times Journal, Canal 2 International, STV, Equinoxe TV, as well as some community radio stations emancipating themselves on the occasion of the apolitical nature imposed on them by their status “.

The NCC has stated that it “monitors in accordance with its statutory mission to respect for social peace, unity and national integrity in the media, and strongly warns all national public and private media against publication or dissemination of speeches aimed at defending federalism, under pain of the sanctions provided for by the current regulations ranging from temporary suspension to permanent prohibition “.

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