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Cameroon – Crisis in CEMAC zone: President of Chad Idriss Deby Itno wants to reduce the salaries of state agents

Written by Deckson N.

Four days before his speech to the nation, the Chadian president summoned the leaders of his party for a restricted communication. Revelations of these foundations are staggering.

In its January 5, 2016 edition, the daily newspaper Le Jour reports that Idriss Deby Itno, the Chadian president, envies Cameroon in its crisis management in the CEMAC zone. According to newspaper sources, four days before his end-of-year message to the Nation, the President of Chad held a meeting with the leaders of his party for a restricted communication.

The revelations are stunning. Far from these official remarks, euphemistically, the sources of Le Jour had access to his private statements about the financial and economic situation in his country and the CEMAC in general, “the paper writes.

By telling his collaborators that Chad is experiencing a worrying situation, he put forward “figures in an alarmist tone. The rate of growth is -3%, far from two figures reached from 2011 to 2013 when the barrel of oil was selling 100 dollars. On December 26, in the state coffers, there were just 25 billion FCFA. However, it takes CFAF 50 billion to pay the officials who are waiting to receive their salary for the month of November. He also specifies that CEMAC reserves at the central bank can only cover imports of two months: January and February. After that, it will be the unknown, “writes the daily.

However, to deal with the situation, Chad has taken measures deemed “drastic” by some. “The Head of State asked us to explain the situation throughout the country. The same request was made to the other allied parties, “said the source close to the party in power met by the daily.

We have decided that all foreign companies operating in the CEMAC zone have to transfer their assets through our bank. So they have to invest locally and not repatriate profits. It is true that this may prevent investors from coming to us. But we have no choice, “he explains.

According to the reports reported in Le Jour, the President of Chad also wants to reduce the wages of agents of the State. In 2002, for example, the payroll and the functioning of sovereign institutions amounted to CFAF 8 billion. “Suddenly, oil flew and sold well. The trade unions are demonstrating. Claims come from everywhere. The state becomes a spendthrift. “Deby himself seems to regret having created budgeting institutions,” fulminates one of his comrades, “reports the daily.

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