Cameroon – Diplomacy: Minister of Foreign Affairs Lejeune Mbella Mbella denounces a scam around the diplomatic passport

Written by Deckson N.

A recent release by the Government member suggests that a forger network has seized the process of preparing this valuable document.

In a statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs signed the Secretary-General, Félix MBAYU, Plenipotentiary off-scale Minister, on December 28, 2016, it is reported that “individuals, motivated by criminal intent and pretending to be Secretary General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other senior officials in charge of his services, multiply telephone calls and other nose-thrusts in the direction of officials, members of the National Representation, and other personalities of the Republic, The availability or issue in their favor of diplomatic passports for remuneration or any other form of financial motivation “.

According to the statement, “the Minister of Foreign Affairs declines all responsibility of the Secretary-General and the senior officials of his services with regard to acts of this nature, presumably the fact of fraudsters scam and fraud. He strongly condemns such acts and recalls that under the relevant regulations any fraud in the establishment and use of this document exposes the perpetrator and his accomplices to the sanctions provided for by the legislation in force “.

The diplomatic passport is indeed an official document of travel sovereignly granted by each State, under the relevant international conventions. According to the communique, for those of the persons eligible under the regulations in force, “the Minister of External Relations recalls that the issuance of this document is free and is not subject to any transaction. Lastly, he called for the patriotism and vigilance of all in the face of the above-mentioned delictual maneuvers and the denunciation of their authors to the competent national authorities “.

This exit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs suggests the existence of a network of forgers who would have seized the process of issuing diplomatic passports. He does not, however, indicate whether investigations have been opened to dismantle this traffic.

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