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Cameroon – Valsero: Rapper attributes to Paul Biya the causes of the “anglophone problem”

Written by Deckson N.

The committed rapper accuses the President of the Republic of being the cause of the crisis currently experienced by the Northwest and Southwest Regions in Cameroon.

In a song he has just released, Valsero is not tender with the power of Yaounde. In the verve known to him, he clearly attributes the “Anglophone problem” to Paul Biya. Selected pieces from his new tube:

I warned you, but you did not want to hear me. Blinded by the power you even tried to hang me. I warned you, three times I wrote you. Remember, my first letter was dated October 2008. I warned you, your ministers are thieves, your soldiers are aggressors; And you the poor, the patron of the plunderers, it made you laugh, you were arrogant, you pissed on tears, pain and suffering, you humiliated your people, Opposition, devalued tradition, you have undermined social cohesion.

You triggered the war of the nerves. The flames of hell, your policy has fueled them. You have made hope die in the hearts of all young people … I have seen the civil war coming miles away on the horizon. I have dedicated my art to making the interpellation with the hope that someday maybe there will be positive reaction … look around you, there is only rage. The cup is full, the anger pours out, if I were in your place, I would lay it before it falls.

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