Cameroon – Economy: According to the National Institute of Statistics, 62.6% of women participate in the economy

Written by Deckson N.

These are the figures published in the latest 2014 report, from which the first results of Cameroon’s fourth household survey are derived.

According to the first results of Cameroon’s fourth survey of households (ECAM 4) published in 2014, they are aged between 15-49 years, Cameroonians currently active, who participate in the development of the national economy, Ecomatin informs on Wednesday 21 December 2016. Women represent the majority of entrepreneurs in the informal sector. Their contribution to household expenses and personal expenses is 50.6% and 63.2%, respectively.

Unfortunately, the newspaper says, their access to land ownership is still very low. According to this study, they represent only 1.6% of Cameroonians with a house holding a land title in their name and 3% do not. However, only 16.8% have received credit in the last 24 months.

Moreover, according to the report, the number of poor people has increased in Cameroon. It has risen from around 7.1 million in 2007 to 8.1 million in 2014. In addition, disparities in living standards have increased on the one hand between urban and rural areas. And on the other hand, between the poor and the non-poor. The report also indicates that in 2014, the 20% of the richest households consume 10.1 times more than the poorest 20%, while this ratio was already high and stood at 7.5 in 2007.

Most of the job creation is in the public and informal urban sectors. In the absence of a serious implementation of the specific provisions for identifying the poor, the latter appear not to have benefited from social protection measures. While economic growth has been a major contributor to poverty reduction, inadequacies in redistribution, as measured by inequalities in the consumption of goods and services, have had a negative impact. Cameroon must support economic growth of 5.5% on average between 2010-2020 to reduce the incidence of poverty to 28%.

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