Cameroon – Telecom: The rate of access to the Internet in Cameroon reached 25.6% in 2015, with the advent of 3 and 4G

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After having stagnated at 2% for a long time (at the time of the ADSL reign), and increased by up to 7% thanks to the dynamism observed in the uses of mobile telephony, the rate of access to the Internet in Cameroon reached 25.6% at the end of December 2015, it was learned on December 13, 2016 in Yaounde. This was during the presentation by the equipment manufacturer Ericsson of its report on mobility published last November.

According to officials of the Cameroonian subsidiary of this Swedish telecom firm, these statistics are revealed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the Ericsson Mobility Report of June 2016.

An analysis of the same figures reveals that the rate of access to the Internet in Cameroon exceeds that of the sub-Saharan Africa region, which was only 20% over the same period.

To the observation, the rapid growth of access to the Internet in Cameroon corresponds to the year of the launch of the 3G and 4G services by the two leaders of the mobile telephony market that are MTN and Orange.

This duopoly, which totals about 15 million subscribers (out of 22 million inhabitants) to the mobile in Cameroon, came to join on this technology the operator Nexttel, the first beneficiary of a 3G license in the country, who had arrived on this segment of the market six months earlier. “4G started very quickly in Cameroon. The operators deploy it very quickly. This is not often the case in other countries, “notes Olivier Vandermoten, DG Ericsson Cameroon.

However, insists Appolinaire Mebanga, Account Manager at Ericsson Cameroon, “in March 2015, Cameroon was one of the two countries in sub-Saharan Africa to lag behind the deployment of 3G and 4G services, which finally MTN and Orange Launched the same year “.

But alongside the deployment of 3G and 4G technologies, the sharp increase in access to the Internet in the country, thanks in particular to the mobile Internet, can be explained by the equally explosive increase in usage Of smartphones by mobile subscribers.

From this point of view, in its financial statements at the end of June 2016, the South African telecommunications group MTN International, announced that the number of smartphones on its network in Cameroon reached 2.6 million devices, up 34 , 1%.

Driven by the advent of 3G and 4G, and then by the fashion of smartphones among mobile subscribers, the evolution of access to the Internet in Cameroon also attracts new operators, certainly seduced by the opportunities that offers this market. This is the case for Vodafone, which has been positioning itself for a few months on the LTE market.

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